It’s not funny when you don’t know how your code works.

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    @molaram until it’s your responsibility
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    @molaram also you can speak for yourself
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    Ahhh those laughs that make you want to put that keyboard in their mouth 🤬
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    Refactor your pile of shame into something readable by humans.

    If it is hard to read for you, chances are it is even harder to read for others.
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    I have code I wrote 7 years ago that made sense at the time, but I forgot a lot of the math I was using. So I have to relearn that math to figure out why it works. I have a "basic" idea of what it does, but some of the lines of code made me wonder what happened to my brain. It doesn't help that I am translating from Python to C++. A lot of the math I used in numpy did what I wanted, but I didn't have an underlying understanding of exactly how it was doing some of the math. I am learning how to do the basic operations numpy hid for me.

    Give it time, divide it into parts, test them separately to figure out what it does. You got this.
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