When I realized "I" could change a computer's code. It was a very strong "I am the master now!" moment. I could be Jedi or Sith and control the destiny of this calculating machine for good or ill! I was the master of the computer universe! Also, I wanted to make games and graphics and sounds!

Now I write software that could legit kill someone really really if done wrong. Unlikely, but possible. Not the power I wanted...

One of the first computers I ever wrote code on was a 286. Quick Basic!

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    I am the LAW!

    (Judge Dredd)
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    Ow, not heard about quick basic for a ling time.

    Actually I think its the first time I hear about another that have used it :)

    It was a big improvement on gwbasic or basica.

    But when I got pascal I switched, Turbo Pascal was so much better.
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    @Voxera Went to Turbo Pascal then to Turbo C++
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    Sorry, I just read "Now I write software that could legit kill someone really really if done wrong" and "QuickBasic" and got a fright before I realised the two weren't related.

    ...I hope not, anyway.
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    @Demolishun I used pure C for a while but got hold of visual basic early on (think internal prototype early) and being able to write windows programs easily was a blast.

    From that it then went to C# where I have stayed.
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    @Voxera I think everyone did a little C in the sixties. Except @Fast-Nop, he makes C brownies.
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    @Demolishun In the sixties? C was invented in 1972.

    I actually started with Turbo Pascal, but the really oldschool 3.0 version, not the shiny 5.0 and later. On an Atari ST that ran PC-Ditto, a PC-XT emulator at a freaking third of a 4.77MHz PC-XT.

    Later, when I switched to C, it was like taking the training wheels off of a bicycle. I've looked at other languages since, but none can rival C's appeal for me.
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    Looked at your video and saw the things you posted for what you do, yup, could kill someone.

    On another note, take a look at Quick Basic 64, I think it is QB64 or something like that. For the diehard fans out there btw.

    I like BASIC, used to do thing sin VB6 and VBScript (Classic ASP) and I enjoyed both of them. Funny enough, I am 30, so they were most definitely not something that I had caught up young, but a byproduct of landing on a shop that used them. I fucking loved them, as fucking quirky as Classic ASP with VBScript was, loved every single minute of it.
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    @AleCx04 VB6 was great for quickly slapping some small GUI tools together.
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    @Demolishun this was later. Second half of 80’s and some in th end of the 90’s.

    Yes, c++ was around by then but when I learned C it was still big and in the 90’s when I used it, I just went with what I knew.
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    @AleCx04 What video? Confused.
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    @Demolishun sorry meant bio** lmao
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    @Fast-Nop exactly what we used it for. We had a couple of forms still in it that the owner of our company had developed before. He still had machines set up for developing in VB6 only two developers besides himself could access them because only two of us were interested in learning more about it.

    Didn't even need a book, it was easy enough to understand. I was surprised since I did not know that VB6 had classes (I am 30, shit is waaaay past my time) and his use for class modules inside of it made for an interesting read. Adding new features etc was also a breeze. The applications were very small, but my time with the language was actually enjoyable.

    Wouldn't ever use it for anything else I guess, not that I can since its DED, but for that I would never bitched at it for it.
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