Things story points are great for:
- Helping the team estimate their workload for a sprint
- Discussing the relative complexity of a task / story

Things I will slap you for, hard:
- Arguing that all the easy stories you plan to pick are actually infinite story points to make you look better
- Going "yeahhhh look at me I did 5 more story points this sprint than Bob, I'm amazinggggg"
- Trying to subtly change the story point assignment after you pick a task so you can do the above while doing sod all work
- "Hmm your team only did x story points this sprint, but team poopoo over there did x+10, what's going on?!"

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    10,000% this.

    Other things that deserve a slap:

    - using story points to represent days (but still using fibonacci like a retard)

    - nitpicking every story in sprint retro asking devs to explain why a ticket took 6 days instead of 5

    - just generally using story points as any kind of performance indicator whatsoever
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    Story points is just systematic institutionalized negging. Change my mind.
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    - adding story points to epics, tasks, etc
    - not story pointing ad-hoc support work, so when you get so much support work in a sprint, your burndown is flatlinning, you can't even see all the sprint creep
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    Someone here suggested some videos about removing estimations by Alan something, and after checking it out it seemed pretty good too me.
    Have to rewatch it and process it some more though.
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