I really love taking HR mandatory training concerning covid-19 that apparently speaks for me.

Did you guys know that I was dying to go back to work instead of remotely doing everything from the comfort of my fucking home?? and that my biggest fear was that i would be at home too much and missed the workplace?
No? well, me fucking either. I was way the fuck more productive working from home that being in my office dealing with stupid shit all day because i was constantly being interrupted.

Pretty sure my employees felt the same way when I yelled from my office :"y'all this training is some bullshit and apparently you guys were fucking dying to come back"

and one of them yelled "ahhh hr speaking for me again!!"

Fuck brainwashed trainings.

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    I find it hilarious that people can believe this kind of indoctrination occurs on a small scale. However, if you suggest this could happen at a national or even global level you are all of a sudden a nut job. Yet, this kind of shit is pushed in corporations in every nation around the planet. Logic is hard.
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    @Demolishun Thinking is hard
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    You aren’t allowed to have independent thoughts. Stop that now!
    The only reason that you haven’t realised that you prefer the office is due to some repressed fear that you’re trying to deny. Join the HR cult, it’s the only way.
    Are they also scientologists?
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    Listen too my voice. You want to come to the office. You feel a deep urge to work overtime.
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