I am tired of switching my role at a startup where I work. I was primarily hired as a backend developer but some times i have to handle sprints, i have to become machine learning engineer, a devops engineer and now even frontend. Yuck. I am sòoooooo tired..

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    when companies (startups specially) hire devs, they give zero fucks for the type of work you're supposed to be doing. hell, i was once hired as a dev and had people asking me to fix the printer nonstop
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    @darksideofyay sometimes i really feel that a labour kind work would have been a lot better than a creative and complex job like developer
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    @okay i really get it... there's a saying here, translated it says that "the pen is lighter than the hoe" but... man, the subtlety in office work, the mental load of it all, i often think about what you said
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    If this bothers you, don't work for a startup - especially a smaller startup. It's inevitable in that sort of environment, but you gain a greater transparency and lack of beaurcracy.

    I used to be fine with that sort of thing, but quickly got tired of it and so jumped out the startup scene. Much happier now as a pure backend dev.
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    @AlmondSauce how much people are there in your company?
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    @okay Thousands just on the tech side.
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