Does it make sense to buy a Nintendo Switch second hand? What should I look for, besides that the console is clean and the screen has no burn-ins or dead spots?

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    ask if it was hacked because there is a chance that it is banned from online services and the eshop.
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    We bought ours new just a few months ago, mostly because people sold them second hand for not much lower than new. But I'd say check the followimg:
    - the kickstand, it's flimsy like hell unless you get the new oled version
    - make sure the controllers snap in to place properly and aren't loose
    - the joysticks tend to aquire a bit of drift and get a bit sloppy, so check those
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    If you’re in the UK CEX have a good returns policy and a 24 month warranty.

    I quite fancy a new switch oled but I can’t quite bring myself to part with the money.
    And I don’t know if they’re that that much better than a standard one (I don’t own either).
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    nintendo consoles don't get devalued, so I'd only look for a second hand one if i wanted it to be unlocked
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    also there's the drift issue
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    oh and there's a second version of the console that has better battery charge, you should check which version it is
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