Just tried out Jupyter Notebook for the first time. I can see why software engineers wouldn't like notebooks, especially if you intend to actually publish the notebook as code for other people to use (please publish a module that can be imported, not a notebook that has to be hacked to pieces to make it reusable), but it's pretty handy for early prototyping or documentation.

I'm playing around with save-editing for a few GBA games as a personal project, and I used a Notebook to document the save file format with examples.

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    It's almost as if a notebook is best for taking notes and not for software release!
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    I was confused until I realised you don't refer to a manufacturer of notebook PCs.
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    Yes, and you also don't rely on Jupyter Notebools to simplify student's process of learning Python (silly me, but I tried it for whatever reason).

    Instead, I use Jupyter code cell annotation in Python files now, so students don't have to rebind keys and use a mouse.

    Of course, I'd need to show them that Notebooks exist, once we touch data analysis. However, it's not a requirement if they can handle code cells imperatively enough.

    # 1. Cell description

    print("Hello world!")

    # 2. Booleans

    no = False
    yes = True
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