So I found put what is maladaptive daydream is. I always had it. Recently when I experienced it again, I tried to understand, and I got to a lot of things about it. Researches on handling it are very new and doesn't provide much support but I will deal with it. This podcast talks about it, I can relate to everything but the suicide part:


In short, when you daydream so much that you have very detailed daydreams and it interrupts your work, your relationships etc. that's when daydreaming becomes maladaptive. As so many people have it but it is not talked about it much, I wanted to put this post on.

I will try to control it with mindfulness and taking care of my body. I hope it will work.

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    I have lucid dreams, but not traditional as I don't know I'm asleep, but I do know I have complete control over everything that goes on in the dream. It's quite addicting.
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    @Crost the bad thing about all this is it consumes you.
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    it's been harder to have them since i started anxiety medication, and i kinda miss them? i mean, it's such an easy way to destress, i just zone out
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    @darksideofyay Yeah I understand, I think to be better, just day by day I try to do it little less, with meditation I feel that I'm more self aware so a lot of times I'm interrupting myself if I notice myself going into daydreaming mode.
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