For the love of the God and compiler. Why do tech companies keep putting finance people in charge of operations?

Everything gets reduced to a value in a spreadsheet and ifsum<pretendprofits it’s a problem.

Company just closed $40m in funding and here I am quibbling about fixed costs with some MBA holding jackass to get $200 so I can equip my team with a licenses for a better IDE.

I’m this close to saying fuck it, buy independent licenses and then expense it back to the company. It’ll cost more than bundling but that’s why I’m not in finance.

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    If other people are having this issue too, get together and raise it to a C level exec as an unnecessary waste of everyone's time. He should agree in a heartbeat and beat finance into shape.

    If he doesn't, that company is no place to work.
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    I would buy it with my own money. (As long as it is not some crazy maya license)

    When I would leave, they will have a problem. But I wouldn't care.

    I'm not in finance either xD
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