The idea of the metaverse has already been ruined by NFT's and crypto investors...

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    I don't think there's much to discuss, I agree. Any kind of metaverse will now be just a Massive Multiplayer Online Card Trading Game. Except instead of cards we'll be Trading NFTs
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    Anything that wholeheartedly embraces NFTs and crypto gets ruined by them. But don't give NFTs all the credit. There are plenty of other issues with the metaverse already, lol.
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    @EmberQuill the fact that it's still theoretical being the main one :)
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    Yeah wtf I thought the metaverse would be an awesome unlimited realm to discover, generated like with Minecraft but ultra-realistic graphics and social interactions and appealing to all senses

    And then I hear about capitalists pumping millions into patches of virtual land and the whole place just sounds like a stressful stock trade exchange floor where the rich will get richer and the poor poorer.

    Thanks but no thanks
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    Btw inspired by this rant I googled a bit and this is a super-interesting analysis of the vision we've had of the metaverse: https://pcgamer.com/uk/...
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    @webketje the fact that they're building worlds based on cryptocurrency is an immediate border for people who just want to explore and have fun. Registering wallets, dealing with private keys, addresses, 12 words etc. It's a big no thanks.
    That's why (although I hate to say it) Meta, Google and Microsoft will lead the way. While they may introduce cryptocurrency in their realms (Meta are already trialing it), they'll make it a hell of a lot easier to use. I suspect whatsApp will play a big part in buying/selling things. all those other currencies will eventually go.
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    @webketje I read the title and was immediately hooked on that article :)
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    I've been partially addicted to this FB group about the metaverse
    ...not because of the excitement surrrounding it, but because it is clear most people have no idea what a metaverse is, and just assume anything that is built using a 3D engine (or even a 2D engine that mentions cryptocurrency somewhere) is now it.

    "Hi, we've just created a 3D world using Unity - It's our metaverse...give us money now before it's too late"
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    the metaverse didn't need NFT to be a sterile buzzword for and by business people.
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