When it comes to using XCode, I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a stupidly large file. Took a whole day to download, I know having a WiFi speed of 20Mb/s isn’t great but on a brand new iMac with nothing else installed you’d except it to download and install pretty quickly.

Also what is it with the Mac and things not wanting to be full screen??

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    Yup, it sucks that you need to download the whole app again for each update. I have an even worse internet connection and it takes ages every single time.

    What do you mean no fullscreen?
    You can make the window cover the whole screen or make it fullscreen on a separate desktop.
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    @Lensflare it’s more the design of apps where it doesn’t open full screen and the menu bar being the same for every app. Things like prime video don’t even have a full screen option until you play a movie. I’m just soo used to using windows.

    It is strange that the whole way of navigating the Mac is still the same as really old macs that used floppy disks 😂
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    Yeah, there are apps that have a maximum window size and can‘t be "fullscreened". Just like on Windows.

    Not sure what you mean with the way of navigating being old. 😄

    But I agree that some things like the task bar is better on Windows.
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    @Lensflare the navigation system in terms of opening apps and files etc is really similar to the really old versions of the Mac, like the Macintosh Performa that I used to use.
    (I’m not really old there was newer computers around when I was younger it’s just my parents like making things last so my main computer used to be the Performa 🤣)
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