"Please move the logo left. The text goes a bit under."

Do you guys think people realize how unclear they are, and are just too fucking lazy to write the full spec? Or are they just so fucking stupid they don't realize I literally have no fucking clue what to do exactly with comments like these?

I guess Hanlon's razor applies here, but some days I just don't know...

Happy Friday! ☠️

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    > Please move the logo left.

    *Proceeds to wash it left away from screen.*
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    I’m not sure what your current situation is, but I find the only time specs are even remotely accurate is when the business is using a third party IT provider. This is because change orders cost money. If you’re a salaried IT person, it’s simply expected that you respond to every little thing without regard to your professional or personal time commitments…and without additional compensation.
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