Maybe I'm just being (overly) stupid with my vacation-brain in full effect, but when I console.log() an object in Edge, most of the properties are showing up as (...), which I then have to click to reveal the actual value. I don't recall this being the case before (I'm like 99.999999% sure it never was like this before)... is anyone aware of a recent change that causes this and maybe a setting or something that makes it show the value automatically? Thanks!

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    Depends on the object I think. Try:
    Console.log(JSON.stringify(object, null, 2)).
    This will print the json object in the console
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    If logging something small, then all properties are visible. If logging objects with lots of (complex) properties, then you need to expand each object / property to see everything. Been that way since ever.
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    Try this:

    console.log({ obj })
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    Thanks guys, and based on all the comments here I finally figured it out... and, as expected, it was my stupid brain...

    The properties ARE displayed immediately, but what ISN'T are the getter methods. See, the original code is TypeScript, and the private properties show up immediately, but the getter for them doesn't (which is totally reasonable). I just failed to notice that both were displayed, and I was focusing on the getters.

    Yeah, just stupid brain being turned off for vacation, that's what I'm gonna claim :) Thanks everyone!
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