Are you content with your job or always searching for greener pastures?

I'm split inbetween. Current pay is very decent and working conditions are flexible. However, the work itself is not always that great. I find it to be comedically true how "hard workers" don't get promoted or bonuses, they get more work. There has recently been a heavy influx of what I'd like to classify as "shit tickets" since a guy who was the main "shit ticket doer" left the company after being burnt out.

I work with a small-ish digital agency as a BE dev, so I'm mostly dealing with small to medium scale projects built with WordPress/WooCommerce, with often custom API/ERP integrations on top. I'm not a big fan of the stack as a developer but as a contractor I can understand the business reasons why it is used. Part of me wants to find something else, part of me thinks I'm looking for a perfect company that doesn't exist and I should lower my expectations -- I might find better work for sure, but with the same pay and conditions? It seems unlikely at the moment. The company was recently acquired, so I'm hopeful for the future.

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    Generally always keep an out for Better opportunities.
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    Always looking for better opportunities
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    I have a project ending at current job. Once it is finished I suspect I will be looking for a new job

    Heh, the job was a hell of a ride. I will be remembering it with happy memories.
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    I’m always looking for greener pastures, but have a bad habit of staying to do the shit work out of a mid-guided sense of loyalty or duty or something like that. My shortest stint has been 6.5 years - and I can’t say that has done me any favors. And I feel you 100% on being stuck in the crap work- no good deed goes unpunished in IT work.
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