Starting from scratch, any recommendations on traditional schooling or self teaching.

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    Traditional schooling with finishing university for at least standard diploma.

    While relying essentially only on your own self learning, especially during university times
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    That’s actually makes a lot of sense, thanks brother ✌🏽
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    Skip college - take courses on Udemy. Make sure you read course reviews and do your research on the instructors/courses. Start personal projects and begin immediately working on utilizing what you've learnt or are learning.

    I wouldn't call it "self teaching" in these cases, but the most efficient path from 0 to 100 is not college, but hard work and efficient learning. College is not really worth it in the IT field, but that's just my take - I attended a few semesters, but ended up quitting because it was not worth the time/money and I just learnt whatever was needed to do X type of development and found a job that way instead. I have no regrets.
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    @Ison This exact reasoning is why I’m favoring the “self taught” approach especially because learning in the field works for me. Nice to hear someone with experience agree.
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    really depends on what you consider education - if you just want to be market ready then yeah self thought way is enough. institutional education can provide networking, can provide deeper insight and can broaden your horizons.
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    Well if you choose schooling just realise that you will need to be self learning for your own career, it’s never really done.
    I think the best think you can do is get good at teaching yourself
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