Regain work life balance.
The last few years especially with COVID I've started to do way to much for the company's I've worked for. Working while I was coughing my lungs out when I had COVID. Working during my holiday because it was finally a fun feature to develop. Working in lunch breaks because people would call me all the time (remote there are no boundaries)

I left that company on a good note, started actually healthy as the new company actually understands flex working. However as I gained responsibly more meetings started to appear also causing rushed lunches no more walks of sport activities. Than I was lead in a project and because of some personal circumstances (death in the family) that was running long. Again started to work overtime trying to catch up.

I need to stop doing this. Caring is fine but I just give to much when I feel responsible. Good thing is that my current company actually wants to help me with this.

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    I believe people who don't care about their job don't really get far in their careers - but you also need to play the game of keeping yourself mentally in balance with how much you care & when.

    If you don't regulate it then you are going to burn yourself out. I'm passionate about my work, but I don't "care" for free. I expect to get regular salary increases or something akin to a promotion and for the company to have my back and not to ask questions if I'm having "downtime".

    I don't believe in work-life balance. I don't think it's a very pragmatic approach always since it makes you look at work as this thing that is opposite of freetime (and we all love our freetime!). I believe in work-life harmony - your personal and professional goals can be aligned and that mindset has helped me in both fronts.
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