I tried Appgyver over christmas, since it promised easy front-end (no-)coding I was looking forward to getting rudimentary frontends done faster.
Well, the first real project that I wanted to start didn't compile anymore (internal error from the service), the page told me to reload and try again.
It failed again... And again.
Fine with me, I only spent 10 minutes on the project at this point.

I then searched for the bugreporting page and found it. The sad thing is that when I wanted to open a ticket the server crashed. It didn't even return a HTTP error, just a JSON saying there is a error and a GUID.

I have to say, if a Dev decided to have holidays without new issues that's one way of getting that done.

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    Haven't heard of that thing, but would it take much more time if you just pick a framework/library and do the frontend with it? At least you know it will be maintainable and it won't just break out of nothing.
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    @kamen It would absolutely work just fine. Aside from business interests, I wanted to make private projects where I focus on the backend. If the appgyver solution provides a simple reliable front-end fast, I don't have to care about that for now.
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    Yeah, whatever works for you... except when it doesn't.
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