My company boss wants to reorganise the team structures drastically.

Currently we have different teams for each product. And in that team we have a lead, frontend and backend developers working in sync.

The boss wants to split the teams not based on product.. but based on technology / frontend backend. Then assign the members to products based on demand.

Not sure how that is gonna turn out..

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    If it's a success, it'll save money, and that's all managers care about. And in a manager's mind it'd be the fault of the developers' intransigence if it's not successful.

    This is the danger of giving non-technical management control of technical makeup.
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    That's called "matrix organisation" and is pretty common.
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    Company I'm in has just gone the other way, small product teams covering front end, back end and db.

    Sometimes managers do this just for the sake of doing something, especially if they're new in the organisation.
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    I think it depends on the size.

    The benefit of having all disciplines in a team is that its easier to finalize a solution in a sprint.

    But if the project is very big it might be more efficient to have more pure teams.

    But I have never worked in anything but mixed teams.
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    I have worked in both and I prefer that my team has its own products... And handle everything inside the team.
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    I have run teams in both styles, and I can confidently say that mixed discipline is better in delivery.

    The con would be that I, as a manager, had to have a solid cross discipline knowledge, which I didn’t at the beginning.
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