I don't know how any company can keep on top of crazy npm package changes. I work in a REALLY SMALL team. We are still using bunch of deprecated packages and we keep building on top of those packages. Updating packages is always a nightmare. It's impossible to Google solution when no one is using the particular combination of deprecated packages. Fuck me

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    Try not to depend on third party packages directly. You limit damage from breaking changes just by putting it behind your own code.
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    @Crost Most of the difficult breaking changes come from build tools like webpack, storybook, or postcss stuff. When I joined the team, webpack was on V2. Now webpack is on V4 and everything is breaking on V5. Everyone is migrating away from webpack to roll-up/parcel.
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    @h3rp1d3v Totally agree, especially for Storybook, see: https://devrant.com/rants/4954282/.... I had to work on a codebase using Angular 1 a year ago: some npm deps were not even in the registry anymore. As for everyone migrating away from webpack? I wish, but that's new to me.
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    > Me, a java dev: ugh, I have to raise the log4j dependency *again*?! (Raises number and everything works)

    > Frontend devs dealing with breaking package upgrades daily: This is fine :')))))
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