Imagine being a senior dev with a green junior that says: "Well maybe there is a better way and I just don't know"

and you say:

"There is, I'm telling you"

only to continue on discussing it more.

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    So the senior is telling the junior the “better way to do it” but the junior keeps questioning if there’s an even better way? 😅
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    @AmyShackles I worked with someone like this once.

    Would bring up a problem, that has a known answer. You try working them through it and they keep interrupting to insist they know and point out why their implementation is broken (and therefore don't need to be told any better), but simultaneously wondering why their broken implementation doesn't work after you just gave them a direct answer.

    They were also the type of person that would spend hours rewriting classes to do functionality already written elsewhere in the application because "the one we have doesn't do x"

    "Yes in fact it actually already does, did you read any of the docs that the team wrote for x to understand how the code you're amending even works?"


    It got to a point where I stopped trying to help this person altogether and would find an excuse to push them onto someone else whenever they came around.
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    @ComputerToucher damn dude. Thought I had it rough.
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    It's just a shitty place to be in, when you have someone that wouldn't leave you alone for 5 minutes without questions. My manager had to get involved to get him to work independently. Twice.

    ...only to end up with this. My manager left about 3 weeks ago. Fucking shitty deal.

    Well. That's a rant!
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    @ManBunMike Ugh. Sorry, man. That’s rough.
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