Grandad showing me a commodore 64 that he had gotten for my uncles. shit was legit, had a bunch of games and cool shit in it. He also showed me BASIC (not programming or anything, but that it was a thing in it and the booklet explaining how to do games and stuff)

Mind you, the commodore was way beyond my years, I am a 91 baby, but he had it and kept it working and in good shape, the booklet was pristine (none of my uncles wanted to fk with that, neither did my dad).

He only showed me the machine because my mother had more vision that a lot of my family members at the time, asking him to let me use the computers that he had because she was sure (just as he) that computers were the future and a good educational tool for me.

Mom played a big ass role in me getting my comp sci degree, she was the one that celebrated it the most with my wife (wife pushed me through that degree to be honest) and my gdad is dead now, but he would have thought it would be cool to have another engineer in the family (he was an industrial engineer)

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    I bought a TRS-80 in 1978. It cost $600 which in today's money would be over $2,700. It came with 4K of ROM and 4K of RAM. Floppy disks cost another $500, I had two of them. I can't recall what the expansion interface cost but I bumped the ram up to 48k and had 16k of ROM. A friend of mine and I figured out how and overlaying loader worked on a program and we thought we were way cool. Those were the days.
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