Why is it most companies think being “agile” simply means “let’s say we do work in two week blocks” but without planning or showcases or reviews, without estimations, with ad-hoc tasks inserted continually, priorities changing, tasks moving to the next “sprint” over and over …

But yes, these companies proclaim they are “agile” and do “two week sprints” when it is nothing more than chaos and rhetoric.

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    To those "agile" only means "daily meetings and retrospectives" it sucks when a decent methodology is used incorrectly. It makes it almost pointless.

    Plannings from devs are quite important... Shouldn't be skipped
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    Because agile is good and they can use it to look better in front of customers or investors.

    Ands its easier to fake something than to do it, especially in development since most of those you want to fool has no clue of how it actually works.
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    @Voxera Well said!
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    None of those things, planning, estimations, showcases, make development agile. They may be part of a specific methodology supposed to be "agile", but all that process is often in opposition to real agile development. Read the original manifesto.
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    Companies use being agile as an excuse for being shit and selling themselves as amazing.

    Been in three agile companies. One (first one) was fantastic at it. The others including my current one are garbage.

    It can be very frustrating but at the end of the day if the no one will recognise they have a problem then it can’t be changed.

    “Scrum isn’t prescriptive. We take only the parts we need” has become code for “we have taken no parts of scrum and we make it all up as we go along because we think we are Spotify”
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    @PeterGibbons woah, way to miss the forest for the trees there, Peter. The point is simply saying “we are agile” does not make a company agile.
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