Im thinking about leaving my employer because I keep getting way too much work on my plate, people get annoyed that its not done in time and tell me that i should tell them if im getting too much work.
So i tell them its to much and our deadlines are to tight, then i just get told "this is how we always work, we just gotta finish things faster and better"...

Another one is that our HR/office manager keeps bugging me about setting up SMART goals so i can prove my value to the company and that its my responsibility to do so if i want a pay raise (even if im already underpaid)...
Im sorry but if you wanna keep me, you gotta give me some damn incentive to stay...

Ive been putting up with it sofar because i like the office and the people and the majority of the work itself and i really dont wanna go looking for another job because im really bad at it... but wtf... im so done with all the "how does this work" questions too...

tl;dr: getting negative reviews because im bad at my own evaluation is gonna make me quit probably, while im being praised for all other work i do

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    The SMART Goals are really important. You need to set them up and do them well so you and your manager can ignore them for the next 11 months and then at the end of the year talk about them.
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    I'm curious how is the situation with your colleagues in the same team, do they have the same amount of tickets? and from the reporting system is the workload balanced?
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    @justDeployIt as backend dev I get more complicated issues than frontend, and being the only backend dev in the team, it all the issues pile on to me, and they always have to be fixed the same day
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    @dakkarant that's sad, I can only imagine how frustrating is your experience.

    I worked once with a similar team format and I asked everyday our product manager: "Hey, I'm working on A, and I see that you want me to work on B, which one has the most priority as I can't work on both tickets at the same time?"

    Well, I had an interesting comment from that manager on my annual reviews (we have a system that gets peers reviews as well). The person mentioned that I can't deal well with pressure and I ask about priorities because I'm confused/overwhelmed.
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