Yesterday, my boss asked me to solve a certain problem the company has with my code.
I tried reproducing it for a very long time but still couldn't manage to do it.
Ultimately (after my boss has been no help at all), I changed some stuff and sent the revised version with this message:
"I couldn't reproduce the problem, so here is a revised version with some changes that **could potentially** solve the problem you're facing."
She immediately decided that the entire company was switching to this version and thanked me. There is no way she tested it that fast. She just saw this might be a fix and didn't bother with the details. I have no idea if the update fixes the problem or even if it won't break anything else. I tried to explain the situation to her but she asked, "Are you saying this works on your computer?" and I was like "Yes, but..." and she didn't care about anything after the Yes, and I just know that when the problem will occur the complaint will be directed at me, and I'm sick of it.

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    Should have replied "NO" outright
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    Get everything it writing and make sure you save it. If it blows back on you, at least you have proof to defend yourself if needed
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    To be fair that was incredibly unprofessional of you. You yourself have no idea if it fixes or introduced new bugs. That in itself should have been enough for you to not push those changes. If she has the tendency to ignore warnings then you can avoid all of it by not doing changes and assume the issue is potentially fixed unless you know for certain it's fixed. Imagine if products you used has developers doing this. Keep in mind I'm not saying she right, but you aren't either.
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