A member of infra team:
"Hey, we are migrating to a Microsoft office tools and we migrated your google drive data to One drive"
I go and check the new One Drive account and it's empty. So I point that out and the reply was:
"You should export your files to a zip and then import them to One Drive"
I didn't want to waste my time showing him that he is just contradicting himself in less than 5 mn and in two nearly consecutive messages.
I need more patience.

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    Pretend you are dumb. Keep sending messages that the data from google drive has not been migrated to onedrive. At least once a day. No matter what they say, keep saying the same thing in different ways.

    When was the data going to get migrated from google drive to onedrive?

    I am not seeing the data on google drive in my onedrive.

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    @Demolishun I never thought about this :D

    I should ping you when I have to deal with annoying people
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