A system to build note-taking systems. tatatap dot com.

It’s the most successful for a few reasons: it got launched, people find it useful, but most importantly it’s been fun and continues to be fun to work on.

I think the fun-to-make factor is massively underestimated as a success indicator. Working on the right product (whatever that means) that is unenjoyable is like using an amazing computer with a broken keyboard. It’s never going to work.

Sure, with any project there’s annoying stuff, but it’s the trend overall. Is the core functionality fun to work on?

In the case of Tap the core component is a notation parser, open sourced called sowhat, github dot com/tatatap-com/sowhat

That was super fun to make and learn about lexing and parsing. It’s pretty far along but there’s still a lot I’m planning to add.

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