I am mentally burned out from web development.

Physically I'm fine, but it's getting more difficult each day to open my laptop and write code, documentation or do code reviews.

Web development just seems so meaningless, where my day to day job has me trudging through one web form after another. I'm sick of implementing business logic on the backend and tired of listening to the product owner bitch about users who are demanding.

My productivity has fallen to the level where I'm feeling guilty for spending my time on nothing!

Don't give me advice, I know I need a change of scenery.

I just need to find the motivation to work on another hiring test which has nothing to do with the actual job.

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    Not advice, but have you been able to precisely identify the part that makes you lose motivation? Is it the sameness of the web development? Or is it that it feels like you're not solving actual problems? I'm asking because "a change of scenery" can be doing some other kind of programming or it can be stepping away from programming altogether and, I don't know, start making cheeses.

    Best of luck with it. If at all possible try not to stay in the limbo zone too long. I can only speak for myself but for every gut feeling I ever had regarding a change in life I almost always ended up thinking afterwards why didn't I make that change sooner.
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    Yeah... feel like that at least once a week
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    @mcalis I love the potential inherent to this field (e.g robotics software, machine learning, etc), only I'm quite certain I'm in the incorrect sub-field.

    Time to move on, life is too short for this.
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    "hiring test which has nothing to do with the actual job" - I hope this ends at some point
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    @asgs I don't know about other countries, but here in Italy, you actually get tests on what you'll really be doing, sometimes it will just be a chat about it.
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    @ZioCain I hope it gets passed as a Law someday
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    I'd say building web forms is probably playing the janitorial role in web dev.

    It's the most stressful, least rewarding yet the most essential job you can do as a web developer. Also, the least appreciated.

    Sadly, someone's got to do the dirty work :/

    Web Dev is still a whole lot of fun outside of this niche though.
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