There are so many weird hacks in the quite legacy app I work with I could write a book about all them hacks…

But I must admit, the worst of them all is internal time. Yes, so some blockhead thought it’s a good idea to represent time in a manner completely removed from Datetime objects or timestamps or even string representations. Instead we deal with them as intervals represented by integers - and because this is not fucked up enough by itself, the internal time doesn’t start at midnight, yet the integer representations do. It’s a bloody mess. No wonder most of the bugs we face have to do with dates and time…

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    Sounds like a job for Hansi.
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    Hansi! Get ze Flammenwerfer!

    A.k.a burn that motherfucker of a codebase to the ground, only way to be sure.
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    @ArcaneEye there have been talks… but that’s way too much effort for quite a little gain in the end, apparently. And not enough resources to go down such a drastic route as a complete rewrite (incl. the database schema). If I had my way I’d just rewrite the whole app from scratch, but I’m already swamped with work, so I ain’t even entertaining the idea of proposing that…
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