Ok so i got trolled by a company sort of, they gave me hope and destroyed it. I have two rounds of interviews and passed them both, they phone screened me before the interviews and i told them that i have 1 year of experience. Now after passing 2 rounds they mailed me and told me that their clients are looking for 3 years experienced candidate!!! I mean wtf!!! I mailed them and also called them and gave them a scolding, they should have told me that they require someone of higher experience before going forward with my interviews!!! :'( , THIS IS NOT FAIR, also guys can i post my story on linkedin mentioning the company's name? Can they sue me for this?

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    I don’t think you can be sued for telling the truth and I get it’s frustrating but in all honesty, shouting about it on LinkedIn is only going to hurt you. Other potential employers could well be put off interviewing you after seeing it.

    This company could have changed their requirements after interviewing people with less experience or they just didn’t want to employ you and needed a reason. Whatever it is, you’d be better off putting it down to experience and moving on.
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    Did the JD for the opening you were interviewing for mention the experience level?

    If not, go ahead and rant out
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    I agree with @UnicornPoo that LinkedIn is like a cult where it's only allowed to say yes and nod. Maybe you don't even want to be part of that (and you don't have to), but chances are that a future employer/interviewer is part of the cult and going to look you up there. It's okay to not care about that (as you might not want to work for these people), but you'll find them in any large-ish company and sometimes it's better accept that and let it go.
    I'd recommend to write an anonymous review on an employer review site instead (like glassdoor, but fuck glassdoor).
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    I'm not a big fan of more than one interview for this kind of reason.

    So time wasting, especially if you have to travel far !

    I'm reminded of one where my 35+ years experience didn't seem to count for jack, and someone else who was turned down with 80+ years experience in the job, what did they find, someone with 81+ years instead !

    Note, first company has since gone bust !
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    @UnicornPoo yea you are right...linkedin is such a weird echo chamber
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    The same thing happened to me. Pro tip for cyber majors. If something echoes, echo it back until it stops. Dont ever think that some manager can tell you what happened to you better than you can. Also, it doesnt take pay to gain experience. A paid task is an experience yes, but it doesnt take pay to know what a server does.
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