My supervisors was shocked that I am an atheist and says “we accept all kinds of people”, then proceeds on trying to convince me that Christianity is the way (in life and work)

Note: I have no problem with people having religion and I respect them, but damn don’t force me into it.

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    Dafuq is that guy doing? Is he trying to get fired???

    Ask him what HR thinks about religion, and try to get them in on the talk.
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    @magicMirror oh, HR doesn’t care shit about it unless someone decided to take a reasonable leave and they start taking a piss. Plus the CEOs was their and became part of the crusade
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    @InnocenceWine Pretty sure a lawyer would take this case as pro-bono....
    Start documenting everything, and talk to lawyer.
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    @magicMirror I wouldn’t take it that far. Such a hassle for me. Unless someone did it for me, who knows
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    You should had told him you are gay, to see how much he would freak out.
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    My standard answer then is usually "I'd rather wait for the final proof of God. If it turns out that this is the wrong God and the right one gets pissed off, that's too dangerous for me ..."
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    @k-ko but the right god has already been proven. the flying spaghetti monster, which created the whole universe 20 minutes ago.

    after all: why else would the oceans be _salty_? and why would there be submarine volcanoes? that's because you're supposed to boil pasta in salt water.
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    @tosensei That is correct, when the GSM got bored, it created God/Gods :-)
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    @k-ko nah, not gods. only people who believe in them.
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