So two weeks ago I said I want to make a website
After 9 days of working 9 hours per day I’m finally done with the basics. It’s a website that’s basically an infinite post board

I’d want to invite people here to test it but I’m also afraid that there might be people just attacking my server. So now idk what to do

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    attack-proof your website, a captcha can help prevent spam, I don't think many people would DDOS anyways.
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    is it a special website ?

    Maybe you can host it on github pages.

    Attacks can always happen. Some are very jealous about what others make. (Maybe because they can't do it so they destroy it instead...)
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    Uhhh…. Cloudflare…?
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    @Grumm @ScribeOfGoD right now I’m hosting it on digital ocean. I’ve been inviting some friends to test it. Maybe I will add the captcha thing.
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