If a tree falls over in the woods..
And important dev work gets done and shipped,
And it's not in JIRA.. did it even really happen..

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    No, it didn't. That's why I post Jira issues that I assign to myself, and I document every single thing I do that way. Especially because I work on background algorithms. A lot of what I do is not apparent. I may work a month on fixing or improving an algorithm, and the GUI users won't even notice it.
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    no, because dev#2 doesn't know it happened, implements the feature itself parallel to you, and then curses at the merge conflict and the work thrown away.

    that being said: JIRA _is_ terrible at what it does.
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    In fairness. Would dev#2 think "before I do this I should read through jira" 🤣
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    Let the code tells what happened. Fuck jira
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    ReleaseNotes will help.

    We shifted from having our PM view the ticket system Done column as the primary source of truth to viewing our release notes slack channel and now they appreciate how much work is done without needing the overhead of tickets
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