I hate Postman tests.
There has to be a better way of testing a set of apis working together than this clunky unreliable pile of shite

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    Of course there is, I actually bubbled about it just 4 hours ago.


    I have my integration testing done in Pytest for backend part, and in Jest for frontend part. The tests are invoked against automatically redeployed staging environment on every commit. Obviously you need CI tool (I use Gitlab CI) for this to work.

    P.S. I abandoned Postman testing, soon after reading the book "Unit testing Principles, Practices and Patterns by Vladimir Khorikov", https://manning.com/books/...
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    Cheers, from the beginning it was clear that postman tests weren’t going to work once there was even a small number of them.
    I’ll have a look into some alternatives, but a bigger problem than the tool is the team leader who thinks they’re fantastic. He decided we were using it no discussion needed.
    Not sure how I’m going to get him to reconsider.
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    thanks to openAPI and nswag, creating a fully typed client from our programs API is trivially automated.

    starting with that, just writing the test-requests in c# is a breeze. automated tests with very little effort.

    and if you don't have openapi-definitions, you can still just spin up a good old HttpClient. in the end, postman is just a fancy GUI (that's getting worse over time) for this.
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    Maybe dredd or pact can help you…
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