Was always wondering how different programmers perceive their IDEs: for front-enders it's simple lightweight cool-looking notepad when majority of back-enders uses heavy tank-looking shit like intellij or eclipse with guns, rifles and much more shit

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    Back-end people aren't about aesthetics usually. We couldn't care less how the tool we're using looks, the point is that it does It's job well and speeds up the process as much as possible.

    On the other hand front-end people use JavaScript, so they have to compensate *smirk*
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    @Hazarth but it is possible to write Javascript in intelij or visual studio... 😥
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    Wow… this is starting out cringy as fuck!

    I’d say it’s a matter if taste and has nothing to do with frontend or backend.

    And frontend doesn’t mean JS.
    Get out of your little web bubble please! 😉
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    @Lensflare No, I will dedicate myself to hating everything frontend forever and ever just to spite FE people :)
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    @Hazarth ok then 😆
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    Most frontends i worked on until recently were simple, and sublime or vscode were good for the job.

    Recently i started to work on Angular fronted that does some crazy things, and intellij's inspections and live analysis are saving my butt constantly.
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