Unpopular opinion: although Windows 10 improved in the years Windows 7 is still better: Windows Search on 10 is almost useless and the control panel and many “modernised” system utilities often glitches, the system looks cruder and takes way more system resources than 7 without giving significant features in return.
Newer is not always better.

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    Is that an unpopular opinion? Everyone I know liked 7 but I've yet to meet a person that likes 10.
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    @NotJeckel Really? Here most techies prefers 10 bacause is "innovative"
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    At least windows update doesn't take up as much resources as it used to, and doesn't slow the system down to the point where it looks like it hung up.
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    For me, just the snipping tool shortcut is worth it. The rest is just added value.
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    @impune-pl yes, I agree which Windows Update improved with 8 and 10
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    @DEVil666 Ah, well most of the people I deal with aren't tech savvy and just want the machine to do what they say so they can get tasks finished. Win 10 just gets in the way too often, forced and buggy updates being the biggest offender. As a dev that can deal with the crap, I still tend to agree with their assessment.
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