Alright so
I made an infinite post board.
Infinite in the sense that every post will be on this board, spiraling from position 0 0

I haven’t got a domain but here’s the address:

Not built for mobile and may later wipe data because it’s still in testing phase

Anyone who wants to register and leave a post is welcomed to do so

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    I'll try once I have a computer at hand.
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    But… why? (Except for the lulz ofc)
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    @100110111 well with the way posts are arranged it’s like looking at a diary, also because I want to
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    Man I should add a language filter. The name “Ass” is just registered. Fuck me
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    Is it open source?
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    @lbfalvy if you want to collaborate on this feel free to shoot an email, I’d be happy to work on it with someone. For now I don’t think I will make it open source.
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    @K-ASS On a second thought I probably don't have the time for yet another project, but it's something I'd probably enjoy working on.
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    @lbfalvy no worries, whenever you feel like it just leave a comment
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    Is there a place to file bug reports? You should check if the mouse button is actually down in your drag handler. It's annoying when I drag the mouse off the page and release the button there and the page keeps moving with my pointer.

    Also, an approach that relies more on the browser's scroll capabilities would be better, as right now Ctrl+F can't move the view to the located text.
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    @lbfalvy directly email me or just leave a message on board will be fine. Thanks for the suggestions!
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