Literally anything that comes out from Anders Hejlsberg, always liked what the dude brings to others. I fucking loved his work on the Pascal Programming language, back then it was all over the place in Mexico. I can only imagine that in the U.S it was just as big since a lot of mfkers in here are still pushing Delphi from what they found with Turbo Pascal.

His work on the C# programming language is absolutely incredible and C# is one of the best languages in my book. And I fucking adore TypeScript, so literally, everything this dude puts out, I pay attention, listen to and learn. As far a language designers go, him and Rich Hickey are my top favorite mfkers in the field, but Anders it to me a personal idol.

I also happen to really fucking like C# and Clojure man, like come on those two are just legit good languages.

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    I agree, got hold if turbo pascal 5.5 back in 86-87 and that got me into commercial programming which turned into a steady job :)
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    Random thought, I wonder what would/could have happened if Anders pushed back on the idea that C# needed to be case-sensitive?

    A dev (part of the C# beta group, had a badge and everything) at a TechEd couple of years after the release of C# told me C# case-sensitivity was only to appease the elitism around C++ and other case-sensitive languages. Since the .net code was interpreted for the CLR anyway, there was no technical benefit for case-sensitivity.
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    Thanks, I'll follow that name now.
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    @Voxera To this day I believe that had Borland and then Embarcadero not increased the price of the Delphi environment it would still be one of the best ways to develop commercial applications for Windows. I have a thing for Pascal, the language seemed nice to me, very structured, I don't mind the rigidity of it. Good times, good times
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    @PaperTrail I honestly believe it, I really do. If I am typing a variable, class, function or whatever and call moveRAndomEnemy instead of moveRandomEnemy then the parser should be able to tell what I meant, it is not a mispelling per se, but just me holding down on the shift key for a bit longer. While not a complete issue (I don't mind it being case sensitive enforced) I can see how elitism has something to do with it.

    Also, and correct me if I am wrong, but I always had the feeling that with C# they were trying to bring about Java developers into the Microsoft ecosystem, for which case sensitivity was something that they were already used to. This was my case, I was a Java developer already when I picked up the language, while the language won me over, the environment being Microsoft centric put me off for a bit, not anymore with .NET Core!
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    @lbfalvy happy to bring something for the lads man :D
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    Couldn’t agree more. My team has been moving from C# to Java and while I have nothing against Java, I do miss the “Anders touch” that just isn’t there with Java (coming from my admittedly personal, inexperienced Java perspective)
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    @fiftyhz I have nothing against Java either, but man I have been reaching out to C# more and more, right now because of the new features in the .NET standard one can even use it in a manner similar to a scripting language, but with a good type system. And there really are a lot of features in the language that are not present in Java. Nothing too bad since when people work with Java they usually do it in the confines of a framework (Such as Spring, which handles a lot for you) but as a language, C# just feels a bit more complete to me.

    Love them both tho, just have my lil preferences here and there
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