I met a programmer in an online dating app some months ago. She worked with golang, and things were going nicely with us talking a bit.
Then I mentioned that I currently work with Typescript and NodeJS and she stopped responding 😞

Should have posted this as story, since this is not actually a joke.

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    well, most people will be a bit sceptical if you tell them you're currently in a toxic relationship.
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    @fruitfcker I'm sure that was not the reason. I just find it hilarious.
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    next, breaking up with GF since you use 4 spaces while she uses Tab.
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    @fruitfcker in a world with nano and tabs, those are very very _very_ valid reasons.
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    "It is too big!"
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    @fruitfcker Dunno, just lost interest or ran into someone that she was more interested in. Didn't think too much about it.
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    Typescript and NodeJS are the worst thing to discuss while dating. When you meet a gynaecologist you won't, hopefully, be talking about wombs curvatures and vagina plastic surgeries. In this sense I envy celebrities https://icycanada.com/three-popular... because they really don't have to do anything to become popular. Even if they don't know what to talk about.
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    @coffeeleader I'd be perfectly fine taking about her vagina to be honest. Sounds much more enticing than NodeJS.
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    If you like Typescript, then that says everything about your personality. Of course she'll walk away.
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    how to comment?
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