I am a Computer Science student which started work for a company 5 months ago being paid 20k. In the same time I am working on a project for somewhere over 17 pounds an hour. The guys on that project want to keep me for good to work with them on projects (they are a software company ran by a friend of my best friend) but the problem is they are in Europe and they can only offer me freelance work. This place I am working at is great but the salary increases are low. I have a colleague working there for 3 and a half years running a big chunk of their operations and he is making a petty 33k. I do not know what to do, should I job hop after 6 months and work with those amazing people for a bigger salary even if they are in Europe or should I keep hanging on this job on the current wage with maybe a 5k increase by the end of the year because it is more stable? I am curious to hear about similar experiences and how other people will perceive me by doing this step.

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    in most parts of europe 17 pounds is not that much (for this field).

    i recommend: live where it's cheap and work where it's expensive.
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    maybe a little more info: you can easily charge 50$/h as a freelancer. here in germany you would need something around 60-80$ to live a normal live (because of things). if you live somewhere where 35k is good and you feel good there, it should be clear what to do :D use the power of internet
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    You can fail even if you're safe, so do what you want. It'll increase job satisfaction and personal satisfaction.
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    @demortes That's true
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