Fuck it I’m posting it again because I got got by this…Again.

If this is how you write your APIs, take a number, get in line. I got some slapping to get out of my system.

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    yes, i agree, this is ugly. however, hear me out:

    i have a customer whos name shall not be uttered (think "voldemort times infinity) who has the opinion "ErRoR mEsSaGeS aRe A sEcUriTy RiSk!1!1!11!!1!eleven!!" - so our application, at their site, is behinde a reverse proxy that _swallows any and all_ http-responses that aren't in the 2xx range, and replaces them with empty 500's.

    so yeah. because of their complete and utter idiocy, which in itself is enough to fill TheDailyWTF for years to come, i am forced to do it this way if the application is supposed to work.

    and yes: over the course of the past few years i've mentioned several times on only _slightly_ diplomatic terms that they are idiots for doing this, only idiots would do this, and doing this is idiotic. to no avail.

    i'm afraid that's just the world we live in.
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    @tosensei you’ve been heard. The line is over here, though.
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    Slap away my man, slap away.

    Love your username 🤩

    "Touches computers, slaps men"
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    On principle I'm with you here.

    Do a fair bit of work with MS Power Apps for clients though. Anything not 2xx is swallowed in the "developers only" diagnostic. Sadly have to send everything the "wrong way" for users to be able to report issues.
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    @ComputerToucher yeah, i'll send the customer your way. they are the cause of this, so they deserve the slapping. (this one, and many many more.)
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    Actually, my APIs just do this:

    Status code: "69420"

    Detail: "Something happened"
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    Plato defines error code as a featherless http 2xx code message
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