This is the strangest thing that has happened to me:

I once worked as a intern at a consultancy company. Me and another junior got a brand new customer project assigned to us (bad idea I know) we spent 2 months working on that project, building a website from scratch. The customer paid 10 000€ for it. The website sucked and didn't work properly in the end.

I ended up leaving the company for unrelated reasons and left the project. A couple of months later I asked the other junior whatever happened to that project and he said that the customer seemed to have forgotten about the project and no one was working on it anymore

Like what? How do you just forget about something you paid 10 000€ for? I mean I'm happy they did as it was the worst project I've built

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    Juniors working on brand new projects is pretty much the norm in the consulting firm where I work… until projects become unmanageable and they have call in more experienced devs to clean things up.
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    consultatnts are used when no one cares about the quality. So in order to maximize profits...
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    @magicMirror that’s a broad statement.
    I’d say it depends more on labor laws. In countries where hiring and laying off can be complicated, it can be convenient for companies to outsource to consulting firms, many of which don’t necessarily compromise on quality. In those same countries it can sometimes be more interesting for devs to work as consultants rather than in-house devs to avoid getting locked in to one company, one project.
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    @black-kite Yes, and very much No.
    "Project goes to the lowest bidder" axiom makes sense to you?

    In some places the labor laws cause a huge problem finding a new job when people have a problematic past, just started thier career, or maybe a medical situation. Don't get me wrong - the rare contractor is good, but most just churn out crap.
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