Why even is Microsoft Teams?

Why does it suck so bad? Why is it a memory hog? Why does the ELECTRON desktop app not have native ARM64 support neither on Windows nor macOS? Why is it even an Electron app? Why the web version does not work with Safari (then again, barely anything more complex than my portfolio site works on Safari)? Why is the UI from 2016? Why is it preinstalled with Windows 11? Why the pre-installed Windows 11 version is a completely different entity? Why the preinstalled Windows 11 version does not work with school/work version of Teams calls?

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    because the part of microsoft that's responsible for selling services and support doesn't want to make you happy.

    it wants to make you miserable enough to buy services and support.
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    @lambda123 Three-layer architecture is not cool anymore?
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    Instead of making one of the most essential apps/services of MS natively for their own OS, some mastermind at MS decided that instead, they should do pseudo-half-native-semi-hybrid electron app for each OS.
    Only then it is guaranteed that neither of the OS, not even Windows gets the best possible experience and performance with Teams. Because fuck you, dear customers, that‘s why!

    Also, why would MS use their own UWP or WPF or whatever to build their apps? That doesn‘t even run in the browser or on Linux or on mac!
    Why does UWP even exist? Does MS have a plan for that other than killing it in a few years? Probably not.
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    * and why is Ctrl+shift+c the hotkey for calling somebody and why can't i change/disable it?
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    @lambda123 "even though wasm runs slower than just using js"

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    @Lensflare I'd argue it's far from one of the most essential programs MS has to offer. It's just a competitor to GoogleMeet/Zoom/CiscoWebMeet
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    I hate Teams personally, I use it once per month and I can never login right away, I have to delete my cookies or go incognito.

    But the complaints here feel like a mixed bag: complaints about how it's both too much electron and also not cross platform enough.

    With the low amounts of shits given by MS it feels like they can EITHER make it a memory hogging electron app with no OS specifc optimizations. OR a native app with shitty cross platform support. Not both. But they chose somewhere in between.
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    @jiraTicket I agree - then at least focus either on being as much of a cross platform hog, or focus on making it good for specific platform(s). As we speak, it is good at neither of those.
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    @athlon I see your point that it's neither here nor there . But would you Really be happy if they did that in a way that made it worse in some way? Imagine if they A) said "We're dropping all cross platform support and making a super high quality app for windows11 only " or B) "We're cutting some core features, making everything worse, and sacrificing a lot of performance cause we're make it fully cross-platform"
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    @jiraTicket I would agree with your argumentation - if we were talking about a small Silicon Valley startup. Not Microsoft corporation.

    Even then, take Discord for example. While it also is a memory hog, and has its own fair share of issues, it does have a native ARM64 build. And it honestly doesn’t feel as slow as the Teams (although it’s still not a native app performance).
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