So today my pr needed approval. One of the lines of code created a unique ID using the uuid4 functionality.
I got a reject saying I didn't handle a case where I would get the same uuid twice.
Well, I guess it would be the problem of the developer working on my code in a couple thousands of years 🤷‍♂️

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    Well... In theory..... If you generate enough UUIDs.....

    Just add a timestamp to the UUID string.
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    To be petty, the uuid4 spec does not technically guarantee uniqueness, only statistically uniqueness.

    In almost all cases this is good enough and with a good implementation you will not get duplicates from the same instance.

    But I do know a lot of less secure uuid solutions and its possible the other dev have had problems with such crap.

    But I suggest you verify that instances of the implementation you are using are guaranteed to never provide duplicates in which case you can explain that and avoid bloating the code.
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