An hour of developer time: $50

An HDMI to USB-C dongle: $30

Only being issuing each developer 1 dongle and not letting them have an extra under any conditions because that would be "wasteful": The Process

There are some things in life that don't make you homicidal for everything else there's management.

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    Just keep "it got lost!"
    "I can wrok without a new one!"
    "btw - can we get a dockimg station as well?"
    "extra power brick!"
    "I think Someone stole mine!"

    Just be extermly annoying, and keep asking for an extra dongle. Don't take no for an answer.
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    After I requested a USB-C cable for my extra monitor and received a power-only USB-C charging cable instead, I gave up and bought my own peripherals.
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    Get a raise and then buy that stuff yourself. That way you at least can be sure to get the right dongle on first try.
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