In commiseration that everyone that ever spent too much time dealing with Azure DevOps Pipelines.

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    As if YAML wouldn't be yet another serialization format. You could replace it with JSON, XML, TOML... It would still only be a rather negligible part of DevOps.
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    @lambda123 Real definition of DevOps: When tasks, that would historically have been done by an admin, are done by a dev.
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    Love this one. In interviews every team is like WHAT ABOUT GITHUB ACTIONS?!? WHAT ABOUT AZURE?!? WHAT ABOUT BITBUCKET PIPELINES?!? I'm like, you guys all know those are all just with a yaml config right?
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    @fullstackchris Yeah, it is all the same - just like coding where every software is just a pile of ones and zeros...

    Writing it down isn't the actual work!
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