What sucks most about smartphones is how much everyone came to rely on them and expect you to have one which is turned on and working. Rent a bike? Need an app! Log in somewhere? Need 2FA. I just want to leave my phone turned off for a few days like in the good old days. There must be something wrong with the way we live.

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    There’s been something wrong with the way we live ever since the agricultural revolution by the latest.
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    If you need 2FA on desktop authme.levminer.com (shameless plug)
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    Use yubikey for 2fa and install yubioath desktop and get your totp tokens from there.

    Won't help you with the bike tho
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    Ask for and purchase a drink from the bar? No no, you must download our app, order and pay for it via the app. Oh and there's a delivery charge to your table. Welcome to hell.
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    There's always a cost in wanting to live unlike the majority.

    It sure is possible to live without a smartphone but damn hell it's an inconvenient one nowadays.

    It's always the question on which battle you want to fight, but the fight against the smartphone will most likely be a very lonesome hill to die on.
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    I already gave up the fight against the American bro companies which is why I use a Google phone right now. LineageOS without any Google services was super cool in a way, but already that made me miss out on banking and location services for most apps that concluded my phone was hacked or a phoney hacker device.
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    In ever-expending part of the world you even need a smartphone and an app to do government/taxes/healthcare related things nowadays. I believe Estonia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...) is leading in this field although I don't live there and can't speak from my experience .

    "Old rich" countries, like US, France, Germany etc. seems to be bit more resilient to trend (probably because they all have big, wealthy, influential and not-tech savy boomer class they fell need to constantly appease) but I suspect this change is coming to them as well within next ~5 years

    Soon the smartphone/phone number will be new ID.

    It fucking sucks
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