I just want to rant now. Is the limit between rants still enforced? I hope so, I am afraid that I start complaining, I will just not stop. I've been holding up so much by now. Well whatever, I've got used to not complaining for so long, that I just lost all desire to rant.

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    It's almost 3am and I can't sleep. I have a pinged nerve in the neck that numbs my fingers, it almost feels like a needle under my right shoulder blade.

    I can't point to any particular reason why. But I feel uneasy.

    Today I found myself celebrating that is Friday again. Something I rarely did before. But it has become a thing lately.

    Days always feel long but are rarely productive. I wonder if this is a weird form of well compensated hell?

    It started 6 months ago. It started with an offer that was too good to be true.

    I feel bad for complaining. In the end I really don't do much. But what is draining me is that I can't seem to get anything properly done. Every day there is a new distraction.

    A new bug reported from users that was directly requested 2 weeks earlier as a feature.

    Writing "suprise reports"

    And different daily shenanigans. It's easier to pass a driving test drunk in winter that to fulfill the PR requirements checklist. Changing 1 line of code takes a week.
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