I'm so sick and tired of the human dick head parade. Epic has us register for a fucking GitHub organization and people found a way to abuse the pull request and sending 300,000 close to 400,000 people notifications so now we're dealing with spam that's going out with random shit including someone ripping their ass hole open (picture...). Over 200 emails I swear to god. This is why castration should be legal.

Unsubscribed from one, someone creates a new useless PR.

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    400,000? Damn, people are quiting in droves. I swear there were at least 900,000 when this started.
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    :D saw the PR, I still think it's brilliant.
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    Imagine if marketing agencies got aware of this and start sending ads in the form of prs 😂
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    @fishfork small audiences with few exceptions. But it's an idea for the small business
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