having a DSA interview in 2 days, any suggestions on how/what to prepare?

its been years since i tried solving coding problems with anything apart from strings or arrays( and that too the one we use in dev, like writing a function to convert string to uppercase, that's all i remember)

There are a million algorithms: knapsac, djikstra, DFS BFS, bellman ford, TRIE, BST, quick sort, merge sort, insertion , binary search... these are some buzz words i could remember from my early college days, 6 years ago. I was able to understand and learn them at that time, but now i know shit about them :/

How to go with all of these in 48 hours?

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    godspeed (1.75x) with "examples" from Youtube
    Not explainations but example uses, if possible.
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    @melezorus34 i need a roadmap for this lol . whether i start from ds or algos or system design, i feel like i know jack shit about anything, so not sure where to even start
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    the worst is the fact that i don't even feel like learning any of these : in all of my daily work days, i am doing nothing but creating new uis and implementing new features, making sure that my app don't crash on certain view change.

    But here i am trying to understand how quick sort works or what is knapsack algorithm. i barely even bother to look under the sheets when i need a list sorted, i just use list.sort() in kotlin and that's it :'{
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    @dotenvironment try taking a test from sites like pluralsight and try checking on the hard subjects.

    Also, hackerrank could be a good way to test how well you have understood it because it makes you write the code with/for it.
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    To be honest, it sounds like you should be looking at jobs that are more relevant to your actual skills set and interests.
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    @spongegeoff even google wants to hire devs by taking millions of coding rounds instead of a single dev round. so i can whine but not deny the existence of DSA and how am awefully bad at it
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