Why do Android apps not clear their own irrelevant notifications?

For example: If I mark all notifs as read within the devRant app, or archive an email in Gmail, or read a message in the Jira app, why does it not clear the status bar notification?

Is there a good reason, or is it just often overlooked by developers to perform a cleanup action like this?

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    It is often overlooked by devs, unfortunately.

    But I see few working examples, like Discord, Telegram.
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    Report to the devs.
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    A lot of them do, most notably Facebook's own notification list is hopelessly broken but they still clean up the Android notification list. Devs are just lazy most of the time.
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    just turn of Notifications.. who needs Devrant notifs anyway. Just open the app and look at all of them at once instead wasting time every 30 min
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    Yeah it's not a rant or personal problem I'm trying to solve (hence the question tag) —although it's kind of annoying.

    Just wondering why, in a world where mobile operating system innovation seems to be slowing down because it's "feature complete", such a thing hasn't been fixed yet.
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    @bittersweet i guess these apps want to make you addictive rather than making it good for you.. Even people working on gmail said that they were told/made it more addictive on purpose
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